Important Notice

In the Name of the Most Gracious

✅ Since its founding, the Ghadir Cultural & Educational Center (GCEC) has made a continuous effort to make abundantly clear that it does not in any way, shape, or form has any political, financial, or religious ties or affiliations to any government or non-governmental entity or organization, anywhere in the world including Iran. GCEC is a registered charity in accordance with Canadian and BC Laws and operates religious, cultural and educational programming under the direct financial oversight of the CRA.

✅ Recently, there have been photos and videos of the Ghadir Center’s programs and its members/participants circulating on social media, accompanied by unfounded and baseless allegations of Iranian government ties on behalf of the Ghadir Center and its members and statements of hatred and insult to them and their beliefs.

✅ To prevent the further spread of this issue and to preserve the rights of the charity and its members, the GCEC and its legal counsel have started pursuing any and all individuals and organizations sharing such material on social media, including official reporting to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). To that end, the RCMP has announced its unwavering support of the Ghadir Center and its members and is currently pursuing actions against identified perpetrators to the full extent of the Law.

✅ All are requested to report posts of the nature noted above circulating on any social media platform to our email at info@ghadir.caIn hope of communities free of intolerance.

✅ Moreover, as also announced in all our recent programs, we are shocked and saddened over the tragic news and incidents in Iran. On behalf of Ghadir Centre, we condemn all acts of crultey and violence anywhere in the world and also would like to offer our heartfelt condolences and prayers for the families of the victims and injured in Iran.

In hope of communities free of intolerance.

Warm Regards,

The Ghadir Cultural & Educational Center